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Re: [AUCTeX] Reloading bibtex environment variables within emacs

From: Wenguang Wang
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Reloading bibtex environment variables within emacs
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 07:37:47 -0700

You could google how to set global environment variables in Linux.

在 Sep 9, 2009,7:22 AM, Damian 写道:

2009/9/9 Wenguang Wang <address@hidden>:
I think you need to let Emacs also have the same environment variables. For example, on *nix, you can start Emacs from the terminal window where you
have the BIBINPUTS set.  What platform are you using?
Linux, gentoo 2.6.30. Launching emacs from a virtual terminal in X may
be a solution, but a was looking for something more elegant. I launch
emacs using gmrun or dmenu, so I don't know which configuration the
bibtex process launched by emacs reads.

在 Sep 9, 2009,5:14 AM, Damian 写道:


I modified the BIBINPUTS variable so that bibtex can find my .bib
files. So reloading the bash configuration (via 'source ~/.bashrc') I
got bibtex working from the terminal.

Now the question is, how can I make emacs to reload this variable as
well so that I don't get an error when I run bibtex within the editor.

Thanks in advance,

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