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[AUCTeX] A proposal for an extension of AucTeX functionalities

From: Daniele Tampieri
Subject: [AUCTeX] A proposal for an extension of AucTeX functionalities
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 20:51:22 +0100

       I have been a  satisfied user of AucTeX for some time, and I would
like to propose two extensions of its functionalities: maybe you'll find
them interesting and add them to your to-do list.
1) While writing long documents, I sometimes use a cut and paste
   approach. Sometimes I forgot to cancel groups of words, therefore
   the same word or group of words are repeated in near places: the
   words are formally correct so the spell checker does not gives any
   error, but the text is syntactically incorrect. Is it possible to instruct
   AucTeX to highlight this mistakes?
2) As you probably know there is a computer algebra package called
   Maxima which interacts well with emacs and has interesting features.
   Would it be possible to use preview-latex in order to display formulas
   and results of numerical computations in a LaTeX format, ready to be
   included in scientific documentation? I know also that there is another
   package doing this, but including a functionality of this type in AucTeX
   would make it an extremly complete and integrated package.
Thank you for your attention and
Best Regards
Daniele Tampieri

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