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[AUCTeX] Three new user questions

From: Ista Zahn
Subject: [AUCTeX] Three new user questions
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 11:39:00 -0400

I recently switched from TextMate, and I'm loving AUCTEX and RefTEX. But there are three things I would like to know. 1) Can I get AUCTEX to recognize macros from loaded packages? For example, if I use \usepackage{hyperref} can I get AUCTEX to color the \href command the same way it does a regular \ref command? If so, how?

2) Can I get RefTEX to recognize custom cite commands when I load a package like apacite? In other words, I'd like something like the built-in jurabib citation style, with the prompts for which macro to enter, but instead of the jurabib ones I want the apacite ones.

3) I use Sweave a lot, and I want to be able to run Sweave (I have a shell script for this) on foo.Rnw, then latex on foo.tex. The problem is that if I ask the Sweave script to run latex it tries to run latex on foo.Rnw instead of foo.tex. Does anyone know how to make this work properly?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can address any of these questions.

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