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Re: [AUCTeX] LaTeX/TeX-font-list

From: Vincent Belaïche
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] LaTeX/TeX-font-list
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 06:56:56 +0200

Ralf Angeli a écrit :
> You should not use it in a hook at all. Just use the code I proposed
> and be done.
Dear Ralf,

Sorry to dwell on it :

I was using it in a hook in the first place because I needed that the
variable LaTeX-font-list be defined, which you overcome by the using the
eval-after-load function in the code that you proposed.

What you propose is working perfect for what I need, but I thought that
a mode hook was the preferred placeholder to make mode specific
customizations, when you need to modify some default setting that maybe
initialized at the mode outset. Using a hook that is called when the
mode is entered has the advantage that the setting is made every time
that the mode is entered (for each LaTeX file I open), whereas making
the setting on the module loading will make the setting only once in an
Emacs session.

In the case of LaTeX-font-list, it does not make a difference, because
anyhow the variable is made buffer local and I want to customize it once
and for all. But if for instance I wanted to read some information from
the minibuffer to select one in several possible LaTeX-font-list
customizations, then your code would not make it, and a mode hook would
be needed.

This is the reason why I was surprised that the LaTeX-mode-hook is too
late when modifying the LaTeX-font-list, and this is why I am still
thinking that there is some naming problem : it does not seem
appropriate to name this variable LaTeX-font-list while there seems to
be some AucTeX code reading it *before* LaTeX mode is entered. Shouldn't
it be named TeX-latex-font-list, with LaTeX-font-list being an alias for
backward compatibility ?


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