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[AUCTeX] LaTeX/TeX-font-list

From: Vincent Belaïche
Subject: [AUCTeX] LaTeX/TeX-font-list
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 08:09:15 +0200

Dear Ralf,

Sorry to bother you if my AucTeX version is too old and this has been
solved. I have not checked the documentation of LaTeX-font-list that you
have made.

I am still with the LaTeX-font-list/TeX-font-list problem I had met. I
was a bit too quick in writing that replacing TeX-font-list by
LaTeX-font-list did solve the problem.

Actually, for this to work, this setting has to be done inside a
TeX-mode-hook, and not within a LaTeX-mode-hook. If you do it inside a
LaTeX-mode-hook it will work only from the second LaTeX file opened in
the Emacs session. For the very first one, the setting is made too late.

So I have the filling that there is still something wrong because the
variable name LaTeX-font-list is quite misleading.

I think that there are two possible solutions :

1) solution 1 : renaming LaTeX-font-list as TeX-latex-font-list,

2) solution 2 : the `C-c C-f' command should test whether the current
buffer is in LaTeX mode or not and use the LaTeX-font-list instead of
TeX-font-list when the buffer mode is LaTeX.


> * Vincent Belaïche (2008-05-16) writes:
>> Note that the AucTeX info node "Font Specifiers" tells only about
>> "TeX-font-list" and not about "LaTeX-font-list".
> I've added `LaTeX-font-list' to the documentation right after I sent you
> the last message.
>> There is another problem in the same info node : One can read
>> -- Command: TeX-font ARG
>> But then, in the explanation there appear that the arguments of the
>> command are not ARG, but REPLACE and WHAT.
> Thanks, I fixed this in CVS.

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