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[AUCTeX] Feature request: verbose auto-completion for references

From: Marco Bakera
Subject: [AUCTeX] Feature request: verbose auto-completion for references
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 22:57:19 +0200

Hey everybody,

after doing some first steps in Auctex I am really impressed of all
the features the tool brought into my daily life when composing latex
documents. :)

However I would like to ask for some feature when using
auto-completion of references. It would be nice to get some more
context of the completion beside the key. For instance when
auto-completing a reference to a figure it would be very helpful to
have the caption of the figure. Or when completing the key of a cite
the title of the work to be cited will be helpful.

Is this really a new feature or did I have overlooked something?

Thanks for your help and this great tool.


,----[ /X\arco -- ]----
|         (Y F) = (F (Y F))
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