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[AUCTeX] Re: bug with the aquamacs' toolbar handling of auctex

From: David Reitter
Subject: [AUCTeX] Re: bug with the aquamacs' toolbar handling of auctex
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 07:58:48 +0100

Two issues with this:

- Are you not meant to do this from your .emacs, or call (LaTeX- install-toolbar) after changing the setting?

It doesn't seem to say you need to, and I don't understand why AUCTeX doesn't call it directly by defining a setter function in the defcustom for TeX-bar-(La)TeX-buttons. Maybe that'd be something that could be done on the AUCTeX side. I'm cc'ing the AUCTeX list - maybe our colleagues there can shed light on this.

- there was a bug in Aquamacs related to this which has now been fixed - thanks for bringing this to my attention.

When I call LaTeX-install-toolbar after changing TeX-bar-LaTeX- buttons, it'll now update the toolbar accordingly. Restarting should also work.

On 25 Apr 2007, at 22:38, Konrad Podczeck wrote:

Hi David,

in the menu, go to Latex > Customize AUCTex > .... > Tex Bar Latex Buttons. Inserting, say aquamacs-print or redo in Value field of "Tex Bar Latex Buttons" and do "save for Future Sessions" does not lead to the appearance of the aquamacs-print or redo icons into the toolbar. also not after restarting Aquamacs, even though giving the command

`M-x TeX-bar-LaTeX-buttons'

leads to presenting aquamacs-print and redo as available button for LaTeX mode.



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