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[AUCTeX] word-search-* and re-search-* does not work with folding

From: Martin Rud Ehmsen
Subject: [AUCTeX] word-search-* and re-search-* does not work with folding
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 20:28:00 +0200
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I think I have found a bug in AUCTeX (or emacs).
If I have hidden some text using TeX-fold-* and I then search for some
of the hidden text, the hidden text is temporarily displayed and the
text found if I use any incremental search. But if I do a word-search or
any other re-search then it does not get displayed. The text is somehow
found, because the point is placed at the end of the hidden text.

To illustrate:

If i have the following in my buffer:

Some text...

[hidden text containing the words "foo bar"]

Some more text, foo bar.

If I put the point before the hidden text and do a word-search-forward
and search for "foo bar" then the point is placed right after the
closing "]". I.e., it does find the words in the hidden text (since it
does not continue and find the "foo bar" later in the text).

It is not all nonincremental searches that does not work, ordinary
nonincremental search does work correctly. So far I have only discovered
the bug using variants of re-search.

Is this not a bug?

Martin R. Ehmsen
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