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[AUCTeX] Re: Scrolling using scroll wheel on Xemacs

From: Franz Haeuslschmid
Subject: [AUCTeX] Re: Scrolling using scroll wheel on Xemacs
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 20:20:06 +0200
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David Kastrup <address@hidden> writes:

> Franz Haeuslschmid <address@hidden> writes:


>> This thread covers a problem with AUCTeX running under
>> _XEmacs_. I have learnt that one no longer needs to explicitly
>> load AUCTeX within XEmacs. The message I referred to even
>> contains an excerpt from the info documentation of AUCTeX, which
>> states that "AUCTeX and preview-latex should now be active by
>> default". If I had written about (X)Emacs, my explanation would
>> have been imprecise -- I guess -- but for XEmacs, it is still
>> valid, isn't it?
> Yes and no.  AUCTeX never provided a package setup for XEmacs
> previously, so it would be misleading to say that anything has
> changed.  How and whether you need to specifically activate AUCTeX in
> XEmacs has always been at the discretion of the XEmacs packagers.

Indeed, I was not aware of that, thank your for enlightening me.

> We will provide much more of a framework with AUCTeX 11.80, but
> whether this gets picked up by the people actually wrapping up an
> XEmacs package, will remain to be seen.

Now I'm curious: is the version after AUCTeX 11.55 already 11.80?
Appendix B of the info docs provides an idea what will come,
however not when it will come. Is there a document that presents
a planning of AUCTeX releases or are these issues buried in the
downs of the AUCTeX mailing lists?


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